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    When choosing to raise your walls, your main goal is to add height on your existing structure in the easiest way possible. There are several factors you would have to consider whether raising your walls, such as whether your foundation is strong enough to support it.

    That is where Lascocrete can assist. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with excellent looking precast wall raising that will last. We are also familiar with the relevant municipal requirements pertaining to wall height restrictions.

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    Why should you consider precast wall raising?

    The two main reasons wall raising is considered is for either privacy or security.

    If you have recently completed renovations to your home, you may now find that your vibracrete walls are looking a little shorter than they seemed before. Or perhaps you have just noticed how well you can see into your neighbour’s property, and vice versa. Whatever the reason, our wall raising is the perfect solution and will not break the bank.

    Furthermore, our wall raising is a perfect security addition as it makes it considerably harder for trespassers to access your property if they are unable to climb your wall.

    Factors to consider

    • Your existing vibracrete walls should not have cracked or broken poles. If they do, these will need to be replaced before our team can raise your walls to ensure that your extension lasts.
    • The existing walls need to be correctly aligned before raising can commence.
    • Your walls’ foundation needs to meet the minimum strength requirements.
    • You may not exceed certain heights when extending your walls.
    • Cracked or broken panels will also have to be replaced.
    • If you have a shared wall that you are looking to raise, you will have to negotiate your intentions with your neighbour(s).

    We can handle your installation

    Should you require it, one of our installation teams can assist with the raising of your vibracrete walls. We offer only the best service to all our clients to ensure that you are left completely satisfied. We also supply you with precast wall raising items to match your existing walls, no matter what the colour or style. precast wall raising