What are vibracrete walls?

Our vibracrete walls are specially designed and constructed lightweight concrete that not only provides security, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

This is precisely why they are the preferred type of wall for commercial and residential buildings in South Africa.


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    Consider vibracrete walls for your next project

    Vibracrete walls give you the luxury of a number of benefits, such as:
    High quality
    Our vibracrete slabs are manufactured with quality raw materials by our skilled and experienced team. We also do this in a controlled atmosphere to ensure the best end product.
    More cost-effective
    We use moulds for our vibracrete slabs to help reduce its cost. Since the mould has already been rendered it can be reused, saving time and money.
    Unique finishes
    Lascocrete’s vibracrete slabs have great aesthetic capabilities. The cement mixture that is used is usually light, making easy to add in colour. A natural stone look can also be achieved.
    Low maintenance
    Once our precast slabs are installed, they require little to no maintenance. Due to their excellent quality only an occasional cleaning may be needed for upkeep purposes.
    Our team can assist in the full customisation of your vibracrete slabs. Our customisation ranges from specific sizing requirements to your desired aesthetics.

    What kinds of vibracrete are there?

    • Plain vibracrete
    • Brick line vibracrete
    • Pebble vibracrete
    We are leading manufacturers and installers of vibracrete walls in and around the Cape Town area. Get in touch with Lascocrete today. vibracrete walls