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Vibracrete is specially designed and constructed lightweight precast concrete that can bear heavy loads.

This is precisely why they are the preferred type of walls for building perimeters for commercial buildings and residences in South Africa; they provide security and are aesthetically pleasing.

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Secure your home with premium, maintenance-free vibracrete walls.

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Vibracrete walls are versatile, structurally secure and can withstand seasonal weather conditions.

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing precast concrete products over traditional concrete construction.


Exceptional strength which can withstand the elements


Versatility – the precast panels can be used in the construction of many structures including fences, perimeter walls and even throughout your home.

vibracrete walls

Mobility ability to be moved freely and easily.


With a precast wall panel system, very little – if any – maintenance is needed over its life span.


In addition to our range of vibracrete walls, we also offer superior-quality paving slabs, raising kits and channels.


vibracrete concrete walls RANGE

Vibracrete walls in plain, brick line and pebble

Lascocrete manufacturers 3 types of concrete walls: plain, brick and pebble. For higher security walls, our services extend to the manufacture of safety strength and double sided concrete walls.

Vibracrete safety strength walls

Strong, quality additions to a Vibracrete wall act as a maximum barrier to entry. By fitting spikes for enhanced security, you’ll have a wall that outperforms the rest and puts you at ease. Our Safety Strength wall also comes as a home kit, made up of a slab that is fitted with galvanised spikes, raising poles, which has spikes on top of the poles, and two lengths of galvanised channelling.

Vibracrete double sided designer walls

Get superior quality with a designer finish on both sides. We are proudly the only company in Cape Town that offers you a twin-side wall.

safety strength vibracrete walls

vibracrete concrete walls GALLERY

Before and after vibracrete wall projects:


Are you in need of large quantities of concrete construction products?

We have over 10 different products – available for wholesale orders – ranging from corner posts to palisades and much more. Our precast vibracrete walls and concrete products are the go-to solutions for large-scale projects and residences. If you would like more information or request a quote, please contact us, and we’ll help find customised solutions to suit your needs.