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    Lascocrete has been providing concrete solutions for over 45 years. During this time, a lot has changed, but the one thing that has not is concrete walls. We are proud to now provide the best value in vibracrete storage units.
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    Why choose our storage units?

    Our Storage Solutions are affordable, entail quality workmanship and guarantee satisfaction.

    • Easy to Build – They are easy to assemble and install.
    • Affordable – The use of vibracrete walls makes it a cost-effective option.
    • Secure & Durable – Our units are made from quality materials.
    • Multiple Applications – They can be used on residential properties or construction sites.

    What use would you have for a storage unit?

    You are doing renovations

    If you have ever seen house renovations, you will know that it is a messy business. The last thing you will want is for your furniture to be damaged in the process. In this scenario having one of our storage units on site would be extremely useful to keep your items nearby, but out of harm’s way.

    You need a safe place for equipment

    Individuals often have items that are cluttering your home. This can be things like your garden equipment to your pool floaties! Lascocrete’s quality storage units solve this problem as you are able to safely store your goods until you need them next.

    You need storage for your business

    When you are running your own business there is always a need for more space. This can be for important paperwork or excess stock. We offer storage unit solutions that will bring you benefits for years to come, as a once off expense.

    You need more space

    If you are running out of space in your home a storage unit it definitely the way to go. It is a secure and economical solution to create more space fast. Our units range from smaller to bigger sizes and we are able to assist with any other customisations you require.

    storage-units specs
    • PRESTRESSED Concrete Posts set in Concrete Footings 500x500x600 deep.
    • V-Jointed Precast Panel securely caulked into panel-grooves. * 75mm thick floated concrete floor on well consolidated sand base. * I.B.R. longspan roofing on treated pine rafters bolted to posts with galvanised brackets.
    • PVC ½ round gutter and D/P. * Broad pine fascias and cappings. * (Standard battened side/door) with standard Rim Lock (opening inward only). * Special precast-type window. * Woodseal coating on outside woodwork only