What are storage sheds?

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    Our storage sheds are simple single roofed structures that are utilised for storage, workshops and more. At Lascocrete, we offer quality concrete storage solutions for all your needs.

    We offer the choice between 11 different sizes. Should you have specific specifications, you are welcome to bring them to us and we will tailor the layout to create a custom solution just for you!

    Each unit, depending on the size, can comprise of a roof, guttering, a window, a standard door, and a tip-up garage door. We unfortunately cannot assist with painting, electrical installation, water drainage or bird/vermin proofing.

    Why choose our storage sheds?

    Ample storage space
    Our storage sheds give you better control over the items in your household. They also help give you storage solutions for the fraction of the cost of normal storage facilities.
    Easy Access to your items
    Lascocrete’s storage sheds give you the luxury to store your items in a storage shed on your property. You have the luxury of having them nearby should you need anything.
    Protection from outdoor elements
    When you invest in a good quality storage shed from Lascocrete, you are guaranteed that your stored items will be safely protected from the outdoor elements.
    Protection from intruders
    Once you have invested in one of our storage sheds you are able to neatly pack and lock away your goods from prying eyes. Theis helps deter intruders’ temptations.
    Increases your home’s value
    Adding storage space to your home automatically makes it more attractive when your house in on the market.

    What to consider:

    When we assist you in deciding on your storage shed it is important to consider whether or not you would like your structure to blend into its environment.

    This will help determine the finish we apply to your concrete slabs. Furthermore, it is important to consider the space you have available for your shed, and what dimensions will best suit this space.

    When storage units are on private property there may also be sizing limitations that need to be accounted for. Ergonomic factors such as your door size compared to what you plan to store should also be considered.

    Lastly if you have decided to install a storage unit or shed on your property an architect will have to be appointed to draw up the relevant plans to be submitted to your city council for approval.

    Are you looking for affordable storage sheds that do not compromise on quality? Get in touch with the expert team at Lascocrete today to get started. storage sheds