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    With over 45 years of industry experience, we are able to assist with bringing you quality stone paving installations.

    Maintenance tips

    Although stone paving is considered to be low maintenance, there are still some things to do once in a while to keep the stone at its best. There is no rule to how often you should be cleaning your stone paving, however it would be beneficial to sweep regularly. Hosing down your paving will also help keep moss away.

    If you happen to spot a stain on your stone paving, try to remove it as fast as possible to avoid it setting in. stone paving

    Why choose stone paving

    The stones used for stone paving are not made from set moulds. This allows for more natural variation in the sizing, textures and colours. Stone paving offers an aesthetic finish that is also highly durable and long lasting. This makes it ideal for outdoor use on paving for driveways, pathways, patios and more.

    Our skilled team is also able to install a variety of different patterns for your paving needs. It has various benefits, such as:

    • It has a naturally stylish finish.
    • When installed well it can achieve a timeless aesthetic.
    • There are unlimited options for you to choose form.
    • It is extremely resilient and will look good for decades to come.
    • It can be recycled and is sustainable.
    • Even when wet, your stone paving will not be slippery.
    • Using stone for your paving adds value to your property.
    Types of paving we are able to install
    Cobble paving
    Our cobble stone paving is available in a variety of designs and installed using high grade materials.
    Stone paving
    Our team can assist you with quality stone paving that will bring a timeless look to your space.
    Bond pavers
    As leading precast concrete manufacturers, we are able to bring you durable concrete paving.
    Exposed bond
    We offer our clients exposed bond paving guaranteed to timelessly suit your environment.
    Half brick
    Our affordable half brick paving comes in Red or Whitestone and offers high durability.