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    Unfortunately, in South Africa, crime is a reality we face daily. It is therefore better to follow the motto of rather being safe than sorry where your safety and security is concerned. By installing wall spikes onto your walls, you add a barrier of protection to your home.

    We consider our spikes to be add-ons and have options to fit all wall types. They act as anti-climb mechanisms making it hard for intruders to infiltrate and hence also help deter them from your property. This is also a cost-effective way to keep yourself, and your family, safe.


    How does installation work?

    Lascocrete can assist in installation of security spikes in and around Cape Town. We aim to make your purchase as seamless as possible. Hence, we have installation teams on standby to make sure that you do not have to do any heavy lifting.

    The installation of our security spikes occurs by drilling into your wall and placing an anchor into the spike to be fitted onto the wall to keep it secure. We are able to offer security spike installation for residentials homes as well as corporate perimeters.


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    Not only will security spikes be a clear indication of the heightened security of your property and deter intruders, but they are also neat. Security spikes are a brilliant way to maintain a balance between ensuring your safety but not ruining the aesthetic appeal of your property.

    Our security spikes can be customised in terms of colour to make sure that they suit your property as best they can. They are 1.5m in length per section and can also be customised to different widths according to what you need for your existing wall.

    Why we recommend wall spikes

    Founded and run as a family business, we truly understand that the safety of your loved ones is important to you. Although having walls around your property increases your safety, it is not 100% intruder-proof. Intruders are often desperate and will go through any lengths if need be – this is why utilising the benefits of wall spikes is so highly recommended.

    Lascocrete’s wall spikes act as an initial deterrent as it would require considerable work to overcome. They also make it much harder to climb over your wall which means you have 24/7 protection that does not require constant checks and upkeep.

    Furthermore, if it is expensive equipment you are looking to protect on commercial property you can rest assured that wall spikes will assist in your security without interference or needing you to be on site.

    We know and understand the relevant municipal laws that govern security spikes on your property. Let us assist in the selection and installation of your wall spikes – get in touch today. wall spikes