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    Precast Concrete Walls

    Our precast concrete walls are manufactured and installed with care. We offer quick solutions that are affordable and have a variety of finishes for you to choose from.

    Storage Units

    We provide our clients with vibracrete storage structures for a variety of uses, such as storage sheds and prefab garages. Our units are an affordable and durable solution to your storage needs.


    Lascocrete’s paving options are durable and made with high grade materials. Our paving installations are done by experienced teams who pay special attention to detail to ensure an excellent finish.

    Concrete Palisade Fencing

    We manufacture and install industrial grade concrete palisade fencing for your security needs. Our fencing will serve their purpose for years to come and requires little to no maintenance.

    Security Spikes

    The security spikes available from Lascocrete can be used on all wall types. They are perfect add-ons to easily increase your perimeter security at an affordable price.

    Wall Raising

    Lascocrete offers installation of precast wall raising kits that help add security and privacy to your property. Our kits can also be customised to match your existing walls.


    Our sister company, Lascokerbs, assists us in bringing our clients industry-leading kerb solutions for commercial & industrial developers, civil contractors, residential developers, general contractors and builders.