Storage Space

General Details
Need help with a garage, work shed or any other storage unit? Choose from 11 sizes or come visit us with your unique needs and we’ll tailor the layout to create a solution just for you!

Depending on the size, each type comprises a roof, guttering, window, standard door, and tip-up garage door.

There are a few exceptions, we don’t do

  • Painting
  • Electrical installation
  • Water drainage
  • Bird or vermin proofing
Technical Info
  • Pre-stressed concrete posts set in concrete footings 500 x 500 x 600 deep
  • V-jointed pre-cast panel securely caulked into panel-grooves
  • 75mm thick floated concrete floor on well consolidated sand base
  • I.B.R. longspan roofing on treated pine rafters bolted to posts with galvanised brackets
  • PVC ½ round gutter and D/P
  • Broad pine fascias and cappings
  • Standard battened side door with standard Rim Lock (opening inward only)
  • Special wood-framed window that fits into pre-cast post groove
  • Woodseal coating on outside woodwork only
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