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    What is vibracrete?

    Vibracrete/Precast walls are specially designed and constructed lightweight precast concrete that can bear heavy loads.

    This is precisely why they are the preferred type of walls for building perimeters for commercial buildings and residences in South Africa; they provide security and are aesthetically pleasing.

    Need a quick, quality, affordable precast walling product – designed for maximum visual appeal? Request a quote.

    Affordable precast walls

    Lascocrete guarantees our clients consistently excellent precast walls from manufacturing all the way to the installation of your product. Our boundary walls are quick to install, affordable and offer a variety of finishes.

    How are precast walls made?

    Our precast concrete items are manufactured indoors to properly prepare them for their outdoor use.
    • Our process begins with a mixture of crushed rock and sand that can be altered with different additives for various finishes.
    • This is then transferred into a mixer to speed up the curing process. It is then mixed until it is a thick and gritty mix.
    • Next, we conduct tests on the concrete’s strength by casting some of it for a day before crushing it with a ram.
    • Before we cast the final slabs, any necessary moulds are put into place and sprayed with a release agent. We place welded wire onto the sheet before the concrete is poured which helps hold the walls integrity.
    • The next day the wall is taken outside where it is sandblasted. We then cure it for a minimum of three days before declaring it ready for use.
    Why choose our vibracrete/precast walling?
    High strength and durability
    Precast concrete products show exceptional strength against extreme weather conditions.
    Good versatility
    These products can be shaped to be used for the construction of a number of different structures.
    It has mobility
    As they are precast panels, they are easy to transport and move around on location.
    Low maintenance
    These panels require little to no maintenance due the materials excellent composition.
    These products can be produced with various textures and finished with a colour of your choice.
    Vibracrete/precast walling for homeowners

    With all the wonderful qualities that precast concrete products provide, it is understandable why homeowners may choose our boundary walls for their project. Our products can be designed for reuse for possible future expansions and have an array of different design elements to choose from. Due to their strength, they are also ideal for security. Their height and width can be customised to your specifications.

    Do you need quick, quality, and affordable precast walls – designed for maximum visual appeal? Request an obligation free quote from us today.

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