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    Our slogan is “Impossible is Nothing” which means that we strive to solve any unique problem you come to us with. With years of experience in providing quality paving slabs in and around Cape Town, we can help you reach the outcome you want.

    Our concrete paving slabs are durable and are capable of withstanding extreme weather fluctuations without becoming brittle and cracking as it expands and contracts according to the weather.

    Brick Paving
    Clay Paving
    Bond Paving
    Cobble Paving

    Why choose our slabs?

    Lascocrete supplies quality paving solutions.


    • Speed – Paving slabs are quick to lay which allows us to pave in a timely fashion.
    • A variety of choice – We are able to install a variety of paving slabs
    • A quality finish – Our expert team will ensure that your end product is of the highest quality.


    What are the benefits of concrete paving slabs?

    Endless styles
    Lascocrete offers an endless variety of colours and styles to choose from. Textures, colours, and styles on our paving slabs can also be more easily mixed according to your wants or needs. With this it is also easier to aesthetically match your paving to your home’s exterior.
    Minimal maintenance

    Our concrete paving requires little maintenance as the material itself is so durable. An occasional clean or sweep is sufficient to keep it looking good for years. Should tree roots ever begin to lift your paving, it is easy to upheave the affected area and relay it once the tree roots have been removed.

    Easy to repair

    Although our products of the highest quality, accidents do still happen. If you ever find yourself with a cracked or broken slab, we can assist with removing and replacing the individual slab.

    Types of paving we offer

    450 x 450 Grey Paving Slab


    600 x 600 Grey Paving Slab

    450 x 450 Pebble Paving Slab

    600 x 600 Pebble Paving Slab

    450 x 450 Black Pebble Paving Slab

    600 x 600 Black Pebble Paving Slab

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