Half brick paving blocks

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    Lascocrete offers installation of highly affordable paving blocks. These blocks are clay products and therefore have the following advantages:

    • High durability

    Due to their durability our paving blocks are able to last for long periods of time with little maintenance.

    • Timeless look

    The clay brick look is a timeless one that will hold its sophistication.

    • Easy to work with

    These bricks are easy to work with which means that installation times for our clients’ paving projects are comparatively shorter.

    • Sustainable

    These clay blocks are able to be crushed or recycled when they are no longer being used.

    • Weatherproof

    Clay blocks are water resistant making them perfect for any outdoor setting.

    Maintenance tips

    Although these paving blocks are fairly easy to maintain, it is still important to note that maintenance needs to take place to keep these blocks in their best condition. Hosing your paving down will help keep them clean, and the use of herbicides will help keep weeds from growing in the cracks.


    Our experienced installation team can arrange your half brick paving blocks to offer you an aesthetic looking paving solution. Whether you would like your blocks laid in a circular or fan pattern, we can assist. paving blocks
    Types of paving we are able to install
    Cobble paving
    Our cobble stone paving is available in a variety of designs and installed using high grade materials.
    Stone paving
    Our team can assist you with quality stone paving that will bring a timeless look to your space.
    Bond pavers
    As leading precast concrete manufacturers, we are able to bring you durable concrete paving.
    Exposed bond
    We offer our clients exposed bond paving guaranteed to timelessly suit your environment.
    Half brick
    Our affordable half brick paving comes in Red or Whitestone and offers high durability.