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    Lascocrete aims to bring our clients superior quality garden sheds. Our storage structures are typically used in backyards on residential properties and are utilised to store garden equipment such as lawnmowers, yard equipment and other similar items.

    Whether you are on the market for something smaller or larger, our expert team can assist. Should you wish, we are able to match the exterior of your shed to your primary property to ensure a final product that is equally aesthetically appealing.

    Concrete shed solutions

    Choosing our quality concrete as your primary building material offers a number of benefits for your project. Concrete is the most sustainable choice as it carries the lowest carbon footprint of all the building material options.

    This contributes to its affordability though has no effect on its strength.

    We offer extremely versatile concrete materials that can be shaped to your specific requirements and is also resilient against extreme weather conditions making it perfect for your outdoor storage needs.

    What is the purpose of garden sheds?

    Organises your garden equipment and tools
    Having a set space to keep all of your gardening tools helps you see exactly what you have and might need. Furthermore, it helps prolong the lifespan of your tools when safely stored, as opposed to exposure to the elements.
    Allows you to access your tools faster
    You will never have to hunt down another tool again. By having a shed in your garden you can get to your tools faster. It also saves you the time of having to lug your tools and gardening equipment back and forth.
    Adds a defining element to your garden
    Having a common place for all your goods helps make your garden look even neater as you reduce clutter. We can also customise your shed to fit your desired aesthetic, resulting in the final product being a defining feature in your garden.
    Frees up space
    By moving your tools from wherever you were storing them before, such as your garage, you automatically free up space for other goods.

    Where should I place my garden shed?

    Although your first instinct may be to place your shed in a corner of your property, this is not always ideal for your gardening.

    Try to avoid placing garden sheds in places that have fertile soil as it would cover a vital growing spot. It will be convenient to your gardening routine to try and place your shed near your water source whilst also keeping it in a space that is easy to locate as it will be used regularly.

    Lastly it is important to remember that if you plan to have garden sheds installed on your property an architect will have to be appointed to draw up the relevant plans. This needs to then be submitted to your city council for approval.