How are vibracrete slab prices determined?

There are several factors that determine our vibracrete slab prices, such as:
vibracrete slabs prices
  1. Materials

Multiple materials are combined to manufacture concrete, including sand, cement, water and other additives to either strengthen your final product or alter its appearance. As the price for these raw materials fluctuate, so does the final cost of your concrete.

  1. Quantity

The amount of vibracrete you intend buying will also affect your price, as concrete manufacturers often have special prices for bulk orders. The same can be applied for smaller orders, where the cost will be more per slab.

  1. Quality

The better the quality of the concrete used to produce the slabs, the higher the price may end up being. You will often see concrete slabs for a fraction of its normal price when in actuality the integrity of the product is compromised, and it ends up not lasting as long as it could.

  1. Labour

The final cost of your concrete is influenced by labour costs involved for manufacturing and installing your product. Whether manual labour or equipment is used will also influence the labour fraction of this cost.

  1. Unique finishes

The kind of finish you would like on your concrete, like patterning or colour, might increase your final cost depending on what it is you choose.

Overall, Lascocrete tries our best to keep our vibracrete slab prices consistent and affordable. We offer obligation free quotes to our potential clients to help them get a better idea of the cost they will be looking at. This cost is determined by what they want done, the size of the project and any unique finishes they would like.

Trust is earned over time, and we’ve given clients quality solutions for over 45 years.