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    Are you on the hunt for quality concrete palisade fencing? Look no further. Lascocrete is a leading manufacturer and installer of precast concrete solutions and we are ready to assist.
    Palisade Fence
    Palisade Fence
    Palisade Fence
    Palisade Fence

    What is concrete palisade fencing?

    Our industrial palisade fencing is a cost-effective, high-quality solution that is perfect for securing the boundary of your commercial property. They comprise of vertical poles secured onto horizontal rails that produce a secure fencing solution.

    At Lascocrete we produce this fencing by manufacturing precast concrete pieces that can be installed on site.

    Palisade fencings’ open-slat structure makes it a popular choice as it provides visibility to the outside of the premise, while still acting as a robust security barrier. They are also known to be difficult to climb which aids in deterring intruders from your property.

    Do you need quality concrete palisade fencing that can be designed for supreme visual appeal? Please feel free to request a quote from us.

    Why choose concrete palisade fencing?

    Our industrial concrete palisade fencing solutions, which are made up of slats and rails, are bolted into place and come in one standard height of 2.4 meters.

    This fencing can be installed quicker than other forms of perimeter security methods due to our precasting methods, saving our clients precious operational time and offering them almost instant security.

    Here are a few key benefits of choosing industrial concrete palisade fencing.

    Our concrete palisade fencing can last for many years, so you have peace of mind that your premise will always be safe without you having to be onsite.
    Low maintenance
    The slats we manufacture for our fencing require little to no maintenance over its lifespan. You can enjoy the added security without having to worry about check-ups
    Our industrial concrete palisade fencing is a wonderful alternative to its steel variant as it is considerably more affordable but also extremely durable.
    Excellent quality
    Our solutions are professionally engineered with meticulous quality control. We always strive for our manufacturing to fulfil the highest security standards.
    Strong and Robust
    Industrial palisade fencing is sturdy and can withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring world-class perimeter protection no matter what the environment.
    No scrap value
    Unlike steel fencing, concrete palisade fencing does not have any scrap metal value, and therefore does not present itself as an attractive option to be stolen and sold as scrap.
    Visually deterring
    Our concrete palisade fencing comes in a standard height of 2.4 metres. Their significant height makes them visually deterring to possible trespassers.
    Lascocrete’s palisade fencing offers a great solution for security that does not block out the outside world. The spaces between each slat enables a clear line of vision to the outside.

    How secure is palisade fencing?

    Our concrete palisade fencing is manufactured with high grade concrete, a highly durable and resilient building material. Since the main purpose of your fencing would be to keep intruders out, concrete is an ideal material. Concrete is rust and corrosion-resistant and can also be tweaked to improve certain existing qualities.

    Concrete palisade fencing has been designed to make climbing them nearly impossible – it achieves this through the no grip design and significant height. These structures can also be reinforced with wall spikes as an extra deterrent.

    We make our concrete palisade fencing with the intent to last for years. It is the easiest and most economical way to ensure your premise is protected at all times while still boasting a beautiful finish that will show character and sophistication.

    Lascocrete can assist with your concrete palisade fencing needs. Feel free to contact our team today.
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