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    Our sister company, Lascokerbs, assists us in bringing you top quality kerb solutions. We offer services to the civils industry, commercial & industrial developers, residential developers, general contractors and builders.

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    Lascocrete is a precast walling manufacturer, supplier and installer to the public, developers, builders and various government departments. In 2017 we added the kerbs business to our products under the Lasco group, calling it Lascokerbs.

    Concrete Kerbs

    Our kerb products include:

    • BK2 Barrier concrete kerbs
    • C1 Channels
    • CK5 Combination concrete kerbs
    • E1 Edging
    • E3 Edging
    • mk10 Kerbs
    • WC1 Channels
    • MK10 Mountable concrete kerbs

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    Benefits of our precast concrete kerbs

    Reduced construction time
    By using our precast concrete kerbs, you automatically save time on manufacturing, which includes initial casting, testing and drying. This also helps in speeding up your overall turnaround time as you will not have to wait for your kerbs to arrive.
    By saving time on the normal waiting period of kerb manufacturing you spend a shorter amount of time on the overall installation process, which saves you labour costs. It also makes your turnaround time faster which will help you avoiding delayed completion penalties.
    By having our precast manufacturing process in place, we ensure quality control on each kerb. Lack of quality on certain items may lead to poor work which is not desirable for any project.
    Our precast concrete kerbs have extensive lifespans and require almost no maintenance. We manufacture our products with pride and ensure that the final product is robust and able to handle corrosion threats and possible impacts.
    Consistent aesthetic
    Our kerbs are uniform in their intended design and are made to look neat and visually pleasing. Our sizes and finishes are all consistent and in line with what you have requested.
    Safer environment
    With eliminating the process of having to manufacture your kerbs onsite, you can have your materials stored until they are needed. This avoids theft from occurring and prevents possible hazards with your workers.

    If you are interested in our precast concrete kerb solutions feel free to get in touch with our team today or visit our Lascokerbs website for more information here.