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    cobblestone pavers

    At Lascocrete our experienced cobblestone pavers bring you only the best quality paving solutions. We use high grade materials to bring you paving installations that will last for years to come. Cobblestone is blocks of paving crafted with natural stone to create a clean and expensive looking finish. This can be used for various areas such as driveways or walkways.

    Cobble stone installations are rather labour intensive – though there is no need to do it yourself. We have cobblestone pavers on standby for your installation needs.

    Why choose cobblestone?

    Choosing cobblestone pavers for your needs opens up a variety of design opportunities without costing you an arm and a leg. This solution offers a kerb appeal and brings a sense of natural beauty to your location.

    With modern advancements, a variety of shapes with clean edges can be produced. Different coloured cobblestones can also be mixed for further customisation. Whether you are looking to install vertical or circular patterns, Lascocrete can assist.

    Where can I use it?

    From driveways to walkways, cobblestone is a perfect fit. Our cobblestone paving installation will leave you with a highly durable finish that can withstand high pressure to last you for years to come. Furthermore, these stones are weather resistant and will not lose their beneficial qualities should they be exposed to high heat or heavy rains. They are also stain-resistant so, no matter what spills they face, they will not discolour.

    Cobblestone maintenance

    Lascocrete’s cobblestone pavers require little to no maintenance once our expert installation team is finished. A good wash every once in a while is more than enough to keep it looking great for years. We ensure a quality paved solution to all of our clients to avoid wear and tear that follows a rushed job. As all these cobble bricks are individual, they are able to be easy replaced if damaged.
    Types of paving we are able to install
    Cobble paving
    Our cobble stone paving is available in a variety of designs and installed using high grade materials.
    Stone paving
    Our team can assist you with quality stone paving that will bring a timeless look to your space.
    Bond pavers
    As leading precast concrete manufacturers, we are able to bring you durable concrete paving.
    Exposed bond
    We offer our clients exposed bond paving guaranteed to timelessly suit your environment.
    Half brick
    Our affordable half brick paving comes in Red or Whitestone and offers high durability.