Trust is earned over time, and we’ve given clients quality solutions for over 40 years. In that time our products and materials have changed to include only the most premium in the market, but our values have stayed the same. We offer a diverse range of options for security challenges, supply and install Vibracrete walls, manufacture concrete walling and put up concrete palisade fencing. What sets us apart? Our products are designed to look the best, function the best, at the best price, and can be made to order depending on your individual needs. Our promise of hands-­on, personal service and accountability has laid the foundation for multiple successful partnerships, which we’ve built and maintained since 1975.


There’s very little we don’t do. Contact our passionate team with your unique problem and we’ll find a solution.

  • Security upgrades to your home/business
  • Supply & install Vibracrete walls
  • Manufacture concrete walling products
  • Offer designer solutions for maximum visual appeal


Why our concrete products? They’re a quick, quality, affordable pre-cast product designed for maximum visual appeal.

  1. Commercial & Industrial Developers

    We understand your need for quality, aesthetically pleasing, affordable solutions for commercial gains. We remove Health and Safety headaches by being CIDB registered and BIBC & COID compliant. With over 38 years’ experience in installation, we guarantee little or no maintenance on cost-effective, easy to install products. We also manufacture all our own products, which means we have stringent quality control measures and won’t leave you with any post-­project surprises.

  2. Residential Developers

    We understand your need for reliable, top-­quality products that are designed for visual appeal and built to endure. We remove Health and Safety headaches by being CIDB registered and BIBC & COID compliant. Our diverse walling solutions offering means you get to choose a premium product in 3 styles or a range of budget solutions. With over 38 years’ experience in installation, we guarantee little or no maintenance on cost-­effective, easy to install products.

  3. General contractors & builders

    We know that a variety of factors go into making a building project successful. Our products are durable and require little or no maintenance. All our raw materials are sourced locally and have the necessary industry certification. Our pre­-cast walling options compete on cost and we manufacture all our products to SANS standards. We also offer an easy to install ‘do it yourself’ home kit option.

  4. Homeowners & Homeowners Associations

    Whether you want to do it yourself, or would like us install it for you, we guarantee a durable, quality, cost­-effective product that looks better than the rest and requires little or no maintenance.

  5. Installation Service

    With over 38 years in installation, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. If you’re looking for a security upgrade, raising an existing wall is far more cost­-effective than building a new one and you’ll achieve peace of mind. Our pre­-cast walling options are easy on your wallet and we’ll find a solution to your individual problem, letting you choose from a range of premium and budget products.

  6. Home Kits

    If you like to ‘do it yourself’ then our home kits is an option with their easy to install methods. All our kits are pre­-packed for raising existing walls and we supply all components for installing your own walls. This option saves you money, whilst still giving you the benefit of knowing you’ve chosen the best in the business. If you have any challenges whatsoever, we’re always here to help and guide you through it.


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