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Supply & Install Vibracrete walls


Manufacture a variety of concrete walls & products


Offer designer solutions for maximum visual appeal

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Concrete Product Range

Walls: Wall specialists supplying vibracrete walls, safety strength walls, designer concrete walls, double sided concrete walls

Fencing: Protect your home with palisade fencing

Paving: Strong concrete paving slabs for pool areas and outside areas

Storage facilities: We build concrete storage garages

Security spikes: We supply wall spikes for home security

Raising kits: We supply wall raising kits

Lascocrete wholesale orders

Lascocrete is a bulk order concrete products supplier based in Cape Town. Visit our wholesale orders concrete product listings here.

From gate posts, T posts and corner posts to paving, rails and channels – we offer a range of building materials in bulk.

From vibracrete walls to paving slabs, Lascocrete supplies a range of concrete products for construction sites or home renovations. Neel pool paving? Looking to revamp your home with safety strength and vibracrete walls? We are your top concrete solution and our great reviews are a reflection of our fantastic service.

Why choose concrete products?

Paving techniques have evolved over the years, but the material used stands the test of time. Concrete products maintenance efforts are minimal and concrete offers durability. Our passionate concrete experts at Lascocrete have a track record dating back to 1975. We deliver results and know what we are doing. We offer a range of concrete products at affordable rates and use the most economical option, namely concrete, when it comes to walls and paving slabs.

How our concrete products assist with safe living

Make sure your home or other building facilities are secure with Lascocrete’s security spikes, secure concrete walls and palisade fencing. Security spikes offer perimeter security, keeping you safe at home and preventing unwanted individuals from entering your home. The anti-climb security spikes are a cost effective option for solving home security and the high crime rates in South Africa.

Security Spikes | Concrete Walls | Palisade Fencing

Experts in concrete products ranging from paving slabs to gate posts

Lascocrete is your top local supplier of concrete products. As mentioned we offer security for your home with our security spikes, concrete walls and palisade fencing.

Performing home renovations and in need of driveway paving or other concrete upgrades to a building? We also supply quality paving slabs. Paving serves the function of creating a surface that acts as an indicator of a path, walkway or place to drive a vehicle. Paving comes in different forms to suit an area whether it be a driveway, sidewalk, pool or parking area.

Driveway Paving | Pool Paving| Path Paving | Roadside Paving | Patio Paving | General Paving Solutions

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